Overview Edit

Trolls are units in Epic War 1, 2, 5, Saga, and VI.

Epic War 1 Edit

In Epic War 1 Trolls are unusable enemies. Although they are the enemy equivalent of the Wizard, they don't attack from a range like the wizards do, instead they attack by punching.

Level 1Edit

Health: 300

Power: 35

Appears in Battles: 3-6

Level 2Edit

Health: 360

Power: 42

Appears in Battles: 7

Level 3Edit

Health: 420

Power: 49

Appears in Battles: 8

Level 4Edit

Health: 510

Power: 59

Appears in Battles: 9

Level 5Edit

Health: 600

Power: 70

Appears in Battles: 10-15

Epic War 2 Edit

In Epic War 2, Trolls are usable in the Orc Race, and now attack from a range by throwing big rocks.

Level 1Edit

Health: 380

Power: 75

Level 2Edit

Health: 400

Power: 85

Level 3Edit

Health: 420

Power: 95

Epic War 5 Edit

In Epic War 5, Trolls are unlocked after beating the Legendary Phoenix in Stage 8. They attack with a club.

Epic War Saga Edit

In Epic War Saga, Trolls are bought from the Earth Temple for 1800 gold or the Monster Lab for Goblins, 2 Earth Crystals, and 2500 gold or 100 crystals without the Goblins or Earth Crystals. They cost 3 mana to send out. For more information click here.

Epic War VI Edit

In Epic War VI, the player can buy the goblins with the hero Grullborg Grimtooth.

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