Overview Edit

The Light Elf is a unit in Epic War 1; they are unlocked for 1500 exp.

Epic War 1 Edit

The Light Elf is pretty weak, although noticeably stronger than a hobbit. They are also pretty fast, but slightly slower than a hobbit.

Level 1Edit

Health: 75

Power: 20

Cost to Unlock: 1500 exp

Level 2Edit

Health: 90

Power: 24

Cost to Unlock: 2000 exp

Level 3Edit

Health: 105

Power: 28

Cost to Unlock: 4500 exp

Level 4Edit

Health: 120

Power: 32

Cost to Unlock: 6000 exp

Level 5Edit

Health: 150

Power: 40

Cost to Unlock: 7500 exp

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