Great Diablos, also known as Earth Dragon is a titan who appears in Epic War 3, Epic War 4, and Epic War 5. Often times Great Diablos is considered the worst titan by fans. Great Diablos is also the boss in Epic War 3's Cave of Trial 3.

Epic War 3Edit

In Epic War 3, Great Diablos is unlocked by completing Cave of Trial 3. Great Diablos also, unlike the Fire Demon, and the Blue Dragon who rarely appear in the battle with the final castle, frequently appears in this battle. Great Diablos is almost always the titan who appears in this battle.

Epic War 4Edit

In Epic War 4, Great Diablos must be purchased instead of unlocked.

Epic War 5Edit

In Epic War 5, Great Diablos is called the Earth Dragon. The Earth Dragon is the boss in Extra Stage 3, and is unlocked by completing Trial 2.

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