Epic War Saga, also known as Epic War MMO was the sixth Epic War Game. Epic War Saga had a large fan base, however, the rating was lower then some of the other Epic Wars due to the energy system.


In Epic War Saga one bought stuff with gold, and sometimes crystals. There were five ways to get gold, doing quest levels, fighting with others at the Arena, completing achievements, getting it through daily rewards, or buying more with crystals. To get more crystals one used kreds, completed achivements, or got them through daily rewards. There were three modes of gameplay: Quest, where one fights against AI like the previous games, Arena, where one also fights against AI but the AI uses what that person has equiped and their stats, or Tower where one fought against guardians that were hired by that player, and the player could even fight aginst themselves if that player hired them as their guardian; if there were no guardians, then they would fight aginst the Tower owner, until the tower was destroyed. If a players tower was destroyed, they could rebuild it, and the Tower also had a function that would allow that player to get awards for every 20 battles won; for more information on the Arena click here, or for more information on the Tower, click here.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the previous Epic War games, to play Epic War Saga one must be a member of Kongregate and logged in. (Armor Games also has Epic War Saga, and you can play with your AG account).
  • On August 7th 2016, the servers for Epic War Saga went down, giving an "Unknown Game ID" error, now making this game impossible to play. The reason for this is because the cost of running the server was much more expensive than how much money the game was making (one problem is that there were many, many hackers for the game, and another was less people were playing). On December 19th 2016, the game was removed from Kongregate. On January 17th 2017, the game was removed from Armor Games.

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